Did Prop 12 (Tort Reform) Lower Health Care Costs in Texas? NO!

UPDATED –  Tell your state representative to vote no on SJR8! Call 501-682-6211. SJR8 is a proposed constitutional amendment that will put a price tag on your life and strip accountability from abusive and negligent nursing homes, broken hospital systems, and corporations. Some people want to hold Texas up as the poster child for tort reform…but for all of the promises of tort reform, none really panned out. Facts Matter. See below:

  1. Tort reform did not lower health care costs. Texas health care costs are the second highest in the nation and have risen faster than the country as a whole since caps were enacted.
  2. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents in the country, and the numbers have only increased since caps were enacted.
  3. Texas never experienced an “exodus of doctors.” The number of doctors in the state increased 14% both before and after caps were enacted. When population growth is taken into account, Texas aded doctors at a faster rate before caps.
  4. Texas never experienced an “exodus of insurance companies.” The number of insurers in the state has been steady for decades.
  5. Malpractice rates have fallen 11% nationwide, but only 8 percent in Texas. And reductions in Texas lag far behind the decreases in payments insurance companies make. Insurance companies have kept 438 percent more money than they have paid out.
  6. Texas never experienced a “litigation explosion.” Before caps the number of medical malpractice claims had been steady for many years. When adjusted for physician growth, paid claims declined in the 10 years before caps.
  7. the-truth-about-the-texas-med-mal-experience-graphics_page_1the-truth-about-the-texas-med-mal-experience-graphics_page_2the-truth-about-the-texas-med-mal-experience-graphics_page_3the-truth-about-the-texas-med-mal-experience-graphics_page_4the-truth-about-the-texas-med-mal-experience-graphics_page_5the-truth-about-the-texas-med-mal-experience-graphics_page_6

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