ATLA Annual Convention Speaker Spotlight – Randi McGinn!

McGinn, Randi photo copy

“There’s trial lawyer tough, and then there’s Randi McGinn tough!” –

We’re thrilled to have Randi McGinn at ATLA’s 2017 Annual Convention. Randi’s bio is spilt into two sections – the “interesting stuff” and the “boring stuff.” The boring stuff , though, is completely inspiring and impressive. And the interesting stuff? Well…just keep reading. Yeah, she redefines tough.

Hear Randi speak at convention on her topic, “Is It Possible to Hold Police Accountable: Lessons Learned from the First Prosecution in 50 Years of 2 NM Police Officers.” Register at! We even have scholarships available for young lawyers who are first time convention attendees – just email to throw your hat into the ring.

Randi McGinn Bio

Interesting stuff:     Randi McGinn is the author of “Changing Laws, Saving Lives: How to Take on Corporate Giants and Win,” available through Trial Guides at:

She is the senior partner in a five woman, two man law firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who is known for her creativity in the courtroom and use of demonstrative evidence to visualize opening, direct, cross-examination and closing argument. She has destroyed adverse witnesses by leaving a pretentious Beverly Hills doctor standing in front of the jury covered with post-its and clutching a grapefruit to his chest, by grilling a government snitch until he threw up and by exposing the fact that a world-renowned polygraph expert had been polygraphing his own sperm cells in the dead of night. In a particularly hard won police shooting case, the local SWAT cops once put her face on their Christmas piñata and took turns whacking it with a big stick.

She recently was appointed as a special prosecutor and tried the first murder prosecution in over 50 years of an Albuquerque police officer for an on-the-job shooting. She started her career by giving birth to daughter Heather, now age 36, the day before the three day bar examination.

Boring stuff:   First woman president of the Inner Circle of Advocates (top 100 plaintiffs lawyers in the US), double listed in criminal and civil litigation in Best Lawyers in America; International Academy of Trial Lawyers fellow; past AAJ Governor; past president of the New Mexico Trial Lawyers’ Association; NACDL board member, NITA-NCDC-UNM instructor.


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