Incoming Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association President Honored at ATLA Annual Convention

2017-04-28 01.05.39

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. – The Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association honored incoming President Joey McCutchen of Fort Smith with the 2017 Roxanne Wilson Advocacy Award at an awards ceremony held in Eureka Springs on Friday, April 28, 2017. McCutchen was chosen for the award based on his activism in the advancement and improvement of the legal system and the legal profession, for his defense of those who cannot find justice for themselves, and for his demonstration of dedication to family, the community, and to ATLA.

McCutchen was sworn in as the 2017 – 2018 President immediately after the awards ceremony.

McCutchen is the founder of McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm, where he represents people with catastrophic personal injuries and actively advocates to protect the civil justice system. McCutchen earned a J.D. from the University of Arkansas School of Law in Fayetteville and a Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard University. He was the recipient of the 2013 ATLA Citizen Merit Award, has been published in the ATLA Docket several times, and regularly chairs highly impactful Continuing Legal Education seminars featuring nationally renowned speakers.

“I’m honored to serve as president of ATLA, an organization that has led the fight to protect the rights and liberties of Arkansans for over 50 years,” said McCutchen. “Our kids and our grandkids deserve the same rights that we have treasured. When you know about liberty and think of our children, it’s clear that our responsibility is to fiercely protect their rights.”

McCutchen is actively involved in the Fort Smith community, spearheading several safety initiatives including Project Safety, Take 25, and the Second Annual Distracted Driving Safety Program. Because of his remarkable dedication to improving community safety, McCutchen inspired the “Good Works” column in the ATLA Docket, which highlights ATLA members and their community work.

Joey is a resolute defender of the 7th Amendment and is a passionate safety advocate,” said outgoing ATLA President Robin Smith. “He lives and breathes the US and Arkansas Constitutions and Bill of Rights, and defends them with vigor. His commitment to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and to safety often leads him to the state capitol where his work to educate lawmakers on the importance of protecting the civil justice system has been invaluable to all Arkansans.”

McCutchen’s award ceremony speech emphasized his excitement to serve as president and his continued dedication to protecting the 7th Amendment. Additionally, McCutchen called on award ceremony attendees to continue their efforts to love, serve, and care for their neighbors to build stronger, safer communities. McCutchen dedicated his award to his late wife, Tara, who passed away in March and was a dedicated partner in protecting the 7th Amendment.


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