Meet an ATLA Member: Lee Curry

Lee. Curry
Lee Curry
ATLA is a family of advocates fighting to protect Arkansans’ constitutional rights and safety. A huge benefit of membership is the opportunity to network with trial attorneys from across the state, and to leverage their knowledge and experiences in your own practice. To that end, we’re kicking off a new blog series to help our members across the state get to know each other a little better! We’re starting with Lee Curry of Monticello. He’s taken an active role in the ATLA Membership Committee, and we appreciate his hard work! Read more about Lee below, and if you’d like to become more involved with ATLA, call 501-376-2852.
ATLA Member: Lee D. Curry
Law School Graduation Date: May 2014
City of Residence: Monticello, AR
Primary area of practice: General practice litigation
What is the last book you read? Devil in the Grove
What are your favorite hobbies?

Watching Razorback athletics, reading about current events and history, and coloring on my iPad (I started doing this a few months back and it is the ultimate stress reliever).
What made you choose to work in the Plaintiff’s bar?
The biggest factor that led me to the Plaintiff’s bar was the degree of autonomy that came with it. I get to work the cases I want to work, help the people I want to help, and become personally invested in the lives of my clients. Even though I am an associate, my partners don’t dictate how I do my work – they expect me to disagree with them, to offer up my opinions, and to find novel solutions to the legal issues presented by our client’s cases.

Who is your favorite musician or band?
Widespread Panic
Why have you taken a leadership role within ATLA?
As a young attorney, you have plenty of opportunities to dedicate your time and efforts to countless organizations. I chose ATLA because I see it as the vehicle through which I can best achieve positive change in the world. There’s no other organization I’ve found that stands for the principles I value. Particularly important to me has been watching this group of genuine individuals sacrifice so much of their own time, money and resources to protecting the rights of others, many of whom lack the ability to protect themselves.
Why did you join ATLA, and what keeps you engaged?
On the recommendation of my partners. They told me the first day of work that ATLA was the best resource for any attorney. I’m extremely grateful for that advice.
The one thing that keeps me engaged, day in and day out, is the camaraderie of my our members. Every time I see Joseph Gates, he gives me a big hug. Joe Denton and Justin Zachary will call me out of the blue to get my opinion on an issue in their case. Taylor Chaney and I will routinely call or text to pick each other’s brains over the legislative agenda. I’ve volunteered my time to help out Sarah Jewell and Victoria Leigh on issues in their cases, and they’ve gladly returned the favor. We can all spend months without seeing each other in person, and the moment we get back together, it’s like we never spent any time apart. We are brothers and sisters in arms, waking up every day to fight the good fight. And in a profession like ours, where we are constantly fighting an uphill battle, it’s motivating to know that these people will endure the storm with you, come Hell or high water. It’s folks like these who strengthen my resolve each day, and remind me that this is a cause worth fighting for.
What is the most important reason to join ATLA?
Because ATLA gives a voice to those of us who represent the voiceless. United we stand, and divided we fall.

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