Meet a New Member: Zach Morrison

Meet a New Member!


New members add energy and excitement to the ATLA Family. New members learn to be better trial lawyers and gain invaluable insights through networking with veteran trial attorneys. We always say it’s like being part of the biggest law firm in the state, and it really is. Zach Morrison of the Law Office of Harris & Morrison recently joined ATLA and sat down to tell us a little more about himself. Thanks for being part of the family, Zach!

Name Zach Morrison, Law Office of Harris & Morrison 

Law School Graduation Date: May 2017

City of Residence: Blytheville, Arkansas

Primary area of practice: Personal Injury and Criminal Defense 

What is the last book you read? The Client by John Grisham

What are your favorite hobbies? Tailgating at Arkansas State football games, live music events, spending quality time with friends.

What made you choose to work in the Plaintiff’s bar? Giving a voice to those who normally would not be heard. 

Share an interesting story from law school. During my third and last year of law school, I worked as a student attorney for the Pulaski County Public Defender’s office and was assigned to Little Rock District Court. Within the first month, I had a client who was charged with a misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance charge. I thought the search of his automobile was questionable, so I decided I was going to take up his cause. I spent three weeks of my limited free time researching and briefing the issue. The week leading up to the suppression hearing, I was not able to make contact with my client. I would get his voicemail every time I would try to call him. The night before the set hearing, I Googled his name, hoping to possibly find a landline number for him. Doubtful, I thought, but worth a shot. What did I find when I Googled his name? His obituary. He had been deceased for over a month and had been departed even before I began researching and briefing his suppression issue. Needless to say, the Court said based on the facts and law presented, that it was inclined to grant my motion to suppress had my client not departed us. The court did grant my motion to dismiss, but on different grounds – death of my client. 

Who is your favorite musician or band? I’m an old soul for 27 years old – love Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles – Any classic rock, blues, and country. 

Why did you join ATLA? I joined ATLA to be a part of an association of like minded attorneys who stand up for the working class and everyday common people against corporations, insurance companies, and the like. 

What keeps you engaged in ATLA? The fact that I know that ATLA is made up of individuals who work hard to protect every citizen, and that a network of resources is there to assist the attorneys who have devoted their practice to that endeavor. 

What is the most important reason to join ATLA? The depth and breadth of the network of resources available to ATLA members is second to none. I cannot imagine a better organization for a young trial lawyer to join. 



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